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For Lovers of Animals

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Custom Animal Lamp

Not seeing anything you like? No problem - we are happy to create a custom animal lamp for you!

Animal Lamps: Dogs, and Cats, and Butterflies, Oh My ... 

LED novelty animal lamps make for fun decor, but they are also extremely functional as night lights. How fun is it to have your pet or favorite creature as a night light? 

Dual power means you can run your animal lamp off of batteries or the included 5V USB power cord. The LEDs are rated for up to 30,000 hours, are low heat, and extremely safe to operate for long hours. 

The art is designed using line drawings, etched onto clear acrylic. The acrylic is durable and won't shatter if dropped. Fandom laser uses laser engravers to make the toppers, meaning you can get any design you want!

Don't forget your animal lamp will do 16 different colors and 4 different rotating light modes, thanks to the universal 24-key remote control included with every set. 

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