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Lurk Laugh Loathe Mothman Iron-on Patch

Lurk Laugh Loathe Mothman Iron-on Patch


Introducing our Oval Full Color Printed Patch with a Black Thread Border – a unique accessory that seamlessly combines style and a touch of mystique. This eye-catching patch features a striking image of the legendary Mothman standing tall behind the powerful mantra, "Lurk, Laugh, Loathe."


Crafted with precision, our patch boasts vibrant, full-color printing that brings the intricate details of the Mothman to life, ensuring a visually stunning addition to your collection. The black thread border not only adds a sleek finish but also enhances the patch's durability, making it the perfect choice for those who value both style and quality.


Versatility is at the heart of this accessory, making it ideal for adorning hats, jean jackets, or bookbags with a bold statement. Whether you're a fan of cryptids, folklore, or just want to make a unique statement, this patch is sure to spark conversations wherever you go.


Applying the patch is a breeze – simply use heat at a minimum of 250 degrees for just 15 seconds, and watch as it securely attaches to your chosen item. This quick and easy application process ensures that you can enjoy your personalized style in no time.


Stand out from the crowd with our Oval Full Color Printed Patch – a captivating blend of artistry, durability, and easy application. Embrace the allure of the Mothman and let the world know you're ready to "Lurk, Laugh, Loathe" in style. Elevate your fashion game and showcase your individuality with this must-have accessory.