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Colorful Lamps and Fandom Laser

Fandom Laser is a brand of The 308 Collective, a small woman-owned, queer-owned business located in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Our passion is helping fans express their passion through fun and innovative products, primarily our colorful lamps which people use for their desks, as night lights, and for mood lighting.

Display of Colorful Lamp Lights
Colorful Dragon Lamp
Remote control that comes with each colorful lamp light
Mushroom Magic Colorful Lamp in Blue

Lamps of Many Colors

There is a lot to love about what we do. Our customers are definitely one of the best parts though. We get asked all the time how we make these ... things. 

What do you call these?


It's a good question. A great question, even. Because ... we don't know? They definitely serve as excellent nightlights. But they don't have to be a night light. Plenty of adults use them too. Gamers love them, but so do grandmas.


The lights can also be a desk lamp, mood lighting, or purely decorative shelf decor. We've even seen them be used as signage, awards, and gifts. What's your vote for what these colorful desk lamps should be called? Let us know. We always want to hear from you.

The Sum of Their Parts


Whatever you call them, our colorful lamps are fun to make. Here's a peak behind the curtain at the process:

Display of clear acrylic insert used in our colorful lamps

Acrylic Art Insert

The toppers (or inserts) start as a large sheet of 3mm cast acrylic. We use laser software and engraver to etch and cut the art. The art is computer generated by our team.

Micro USB Power Cord included with every colorful lamp

Micro USB Power Cord

Although the base can support AA batteries for optional powering, each set also includes a 5V micro-USB power cord which can plug into any USB power source. 


LED Lamp Base

The ABS plastic base includes an RGB LED strip with capable of creating 16 colors for up to 30,000 hours. There is a power and color changing touch switch on the top of each base and a battery slot on the bottom that holds AA batteries. 

RGB remote that comes with every colorful lamp

RGB 24-Key Remote Control

The small universal IRF 24 button function remote control included with each helps set the mood. Sixteen non-dynamic color buttons stabilize the lamp to a solid color. Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth buttons create unique color-changing effects.

How We Got Started with These Colorful Lamp Lights.

Things got really dark in 2020 and we dreamt of bringing some light into the world. 

Life changed so quickly during the pandemic and by 2021, we were in a position to start a new venture. So, we decided to make our dream literal.


Nowadays, we brighten up every room we walk into.

Image of Fandom Laser mascot, yellow robot.

Fun With Numbers

Product Detais

How to Buy

A Light of Your Own


Simpsonville, SC




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