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Gifts for Every Obsession

About Fandom Laser

Welcome to Fandom Laser, where passions meet personalized perfection! At Fandom Laser, we're dedicated to celebrating your obsessions by crafting unique and tailor-made gifts that resonate with every fandom. We believe that each person's enthusiasm deserves to be honored with a one-of-a-kind product that speaks directly to their soul.

Our mission is simple: to cater to a wide spectrum of passions, recognizing that fandoms come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're captivated by the realms of pop culture, gaming universes, sports, the serenity of the outdoors, the charm of animals, the enchantment found in books, or the magic of fantasy worlds – we've got you covered.

We take pride in curating an eclectic collection of fun, innovative, and distinctive products designed to match anyone's unique style. Our range includes an array of items, from playful and whimsical to sleek and sophisticated, ensuring there's something for every kind of enthusiast.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing products that not only resonate with your interests but also reflect your individuality. Our laser-focused attention to detail ensures that each piece is meticulously crafted to meet the standards of your fandom and personal taste.

At Fandom Laser, we understand the joy of finding that perfect item that speaks directly to your heart, bringing a smile to your face. Join us on this journey of celebration and passion as we continue to create remarkable gifts for every obsession, because here, your fandom is our inspiration.

How We Got Started

Things got really dark in 2020 and we dreamt of bringing some light into the world. 

Life changed so quickly during the pandemic and by 2021, we were in a position to start a new venture. So, we decided to make our dream literal.


Nowadays, we brighten up every room we walk into.

Fandom Laser is a queer and female-owned small business.



Simpsonville, SC




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