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A Bright Idea: The Allure of Light Up Awards

What better way to commemorate achievements than with a unique, luminous etched art trophy sure to catch everyone's eye? Enter the world of custom LED light up awards, where innovation meets celebration in a dazzling display of creativity.

Esports Tournament Trophy Idea
USF Esports Summit Trophy 2022

Designed specifically for your event, a light up award will shine with the essence of success for any team, company, or special occasion. LED light up awards can come in many shapes and sizes. The heart of the customization lies in the clear acrylic etched art which catches the light of the LED's creating an "edge lighting" effect.

Edge lighting refers to a technique frequently used electronics, and displays, where light is emitted from the edges of a material or object. It creates a striking illumination effect that enhances the visibility of the etched art, lending a modern and sophisticated effect.

In the context of LED awards made of acrylic or plastic, edge lighting involves embedding LED lights along the edges or perimeter of the material. These lights are strategically placed within the structure of the award, allowing the entire piece to glow uniformly when illuminated.

The light diffusion caused by the mixture of LEDs and the clear acrylic, scatters and softens the brightness of the LEDs. Every line and shaded area of the etch is a beautiful "imperfection" that catches the light.

light up award for football team
Pee Wee Football Team End of Season Trophy

If you've ever received or presented a clear glass or crystal award, you'll know that they can be hard to read. While classically beautiful, the biggest downside is that the award becomes almost invisible on a shelf or desk. Edge-lit awards are one solution to that problem, while remaining economical.

Light up awards offer endless options for customization. They may have controls to adjust the color, brightness, and even effects such as fading or flashing. Some come with remote controls or touch-sensitive panels, allowing users to select their desired lighting preferences.

Edge lighting LED bases for light up awards are available in a variety of styles and colors, from wood to polished black plastic. An average size for an LED award is 10" x 6", which is on the upper end of average sized for a trophy.

Thanks to an in-house design team skilled in transforming logos, themes, or concepts into tangible forms, the possibilities for light up awards are as limitless as one's imagination. Whether it's the championship triumph of a little league team, the artistic finesse of a tattoo competition, or the competitive spirit of an e-sports tournament, these awards are tailored to honor excellence across diverse events and experiences.

Light Up Award for Fantasy Football Team
Custom Fantasy Football Edge Lit Trophy

The ability to customize the color of a light up award is just one more dimension of customization. Match team colors, corporate branding, or personal preferences. It is important to use dual-powered bases, allowing portability during presentations but safe low-power USB powered display thereafter.

The allure of these luminous trophies extends far beyond mere aesthetics. Their radiance serves as a beacon, symbolizing dedication, perseverance, and triumph. Whether they're proudly exhibited in an office, adorning a display shelf at home, or showcased in a trophy case, these LED awards radiate a sense of achievement that resonates with all who behold them.

These trophies add a touch of brilliance to every victory, big or small.

So, whether you're seeking to honor a team's triumph, commemorate a company milestone, or celebrate a special occasion, consider the timeless allure of custom LED awards—an embodiment of success that shines brilliantly for all to see.

For more information about custom LED light up awards, feel free to contact designer and maker, Fandom Laser.

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