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snap up dice tray

Ray of Dice Faux Leather Dice Tray


Introducing our versatile Snap-Up Dice Tray, an essential accessory for enthusiasts of tabletop gaming, Farkle, and various dice games. Crafted with convenience in mind, this tray boasts a convenient storage solution that lays flat when not in use, making it an ideal addition to your gaming collection.


Measuring 9x9 inches when laid flat, this compact tray reveals a functional 6x6 inch usable area once snapped up, providing ample space for rolling dice with precision and ease. At its center lies an artful depiction of two six-sided dice, intricately etched to add a touch of thematic charm to your gaming experience.


Perfectly designed for tabletop gaming sessions, this tray ensures a contained rolling area, preventing dice from straying and keeping the gameplay focused. Whether engaged in strategic campaigns or casual game nights, its portable nature allows for easy transportation, catering to gaming adventures both at home and on the move.


Versatility is key – this tray isn't limited to one specific game; it accommodates a variety of dice games, enhancing the thrill and precision of every roll. Experience the joy of rolling dice while keeping them securely within bounds, maintaining a neat and organized gaming environment.


Upgrade your gaming setup with our Snap-Up Dice Tray, the perfect blend of functionality and style. Elevate your gameplay, keep your dice in check, and immerse yourself in the excitement of each toss with this indispensable gaming accessory.

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