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Large Sticker Giraffe

Wood Giraffe Sticker, "Slam Dunk"


Introducing 'Slam Dunk,' our Cherry Wood Veneer Sticker featuring an adorably engraved image of a giraffe sporting glasses and a headband! Crafted from genuine cherry wood veneer, this sticker adds a playful and unique touch to any surface.


Ideas for using 'Slam Dunk':

  • Laptops and Tablets: Personalize your tech gadgets with this charming giraffe sticker, bringing a touch of whimsy to your devices.
  • Water Bottles and Tumblers: Make a statement by decorating your water bottle or tumbler with 'Slam Dunk,' showcasing your fun-loving personality.
  • Notebooks and Planners: Add character to your notebooks, planners, or journals by applying this eye-catching giraffe sticker.
  • Skateboards or Bikes: Elevate your gear's style with this fun sticker, perfect for decking out your skateboard, bike, or helmet.
  • Gifts and Greeting Cards: Use 'Slam Dunk' as a unique embellishment for gift wrapping or greeting cards, adding an extra element of surprise and delight.


Crafted with precision and infused with playful charm, 'Slam Dunk' isn't just a sticker – it's a conversation starter, a whimsical addition to your belongings, and an embodiment of your vibrant spirit!