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wood horse sticker

Wood Horse Sticker, "Mane Character Energy"


Unleash your 'Mane Character Energy' with our Wood Horse Sticker! Crafted from authentic wood veneer, this sticker features a majestic horse design, inspiring strength and grace in its depiction.


Where to use:

  • Laptops and Devices: Adorn your laptop, tablet, or phone case with this symbolic sticker, channeling the power and spirit of the horse.
  • Water Bottles and Flasks: Elevate your hydration game by showcasing this majestic horse sticker on your water bottles or flasks.
  • Notebooks and Planners: Add a touch of equine elegance to your journals, planners, or notebooks with this unique wood sticker.


This wood sticker is more than a decoration; it's a representation of strength, resilience, and the beauty of nature. Embrace the spirit of the horse and let 'Mane Character Energy' gallop into your life!