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Wolf sticker made of wood

Wood Wolf Sticker, "Lone Wolf"


"Introducing 'Lone Wolf' – our Wood Wolf Sticker! Crafted from genuine wood veneer, this sticker features a captivating depiction of a wolf, symbolizing independence and resilience.


Where to use:

  • Laptops and Devices: Display the spirit of the 'Lone Wolf' on your laptop, tablet, or phone case, embodying strength and individuality.
  • Water Bottles and Flasks: Showcase this majestic wood wolf sticker on your water bottles or flasks, symbolizing the untamed spirit within.
  • Notebooks and Planners: Personalize your notebooks, planners, or journals with the intriguing presence of this wood sticker.
  • Home Décor: Use 'Lone Wolf' as a decorative accent for your space, adding a touch of wilderness and determination to your decor.


This wood sticker encapsulates the mystique and resilience of the lone wolf. Embrace your independence and express your unwavering spirit with the 'Lone Wolf' by your side!